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Gibborim Studios is producing the most aggressive storytelling about the Old Testament warriors ever produced, starting with the Hold the Pass film.

Gibborim Studios is a storytelling and lifestyle company that exists to see men reach their maximum potential for the glory of God and the betterment of the culture.

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Stream Hold The Pass

A simple farmer named Shamgar must stand against an invading Philistine army or risk his lands falling into slavery.

Directed by Cliff Graham, staring
Cody Bobay, Adrian Hein, Cherish Rodriguez

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.5

Soulcon Challenge Books

The Men's Movement for a Digital World

The Soulcon Challenge is a 6-week journey that will take men out of their comfort zones and into their calling as men of God. Using a mind, body, spirit approach the challenge approaches discipline in an all-encompassing way that far too often we neglect. Throughout the challenge men will go through physical tests with their bodies, will take part in discipleship training in some very unique ways, will see first hand how it become better leaders of their home, and will be a part of a unique brotherhood community unlike any they’ve ever been a part of! This challenge is for every man seeking to play a bigger role in God’s Kingdom!

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In addition to the community and behind the scenes access, the app also provides exclusive access to workout plans, nutrition programs, and life application content from Cody Bobay, based on the characters and stories being told. You will be able to train and condition your body in the unique way the athlete warriors of the Bible did.

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Gibborim Podcast

Exclusive access to the Gibborim podcast hosted by Cody Bobay including bonus episodes only available to the Gibborim. Cody discusses the stories of the Bible, topics of the day, what it means to be a modern day mighty man, and interview compelling guests.

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Gibborim Nutrition

You were designed for battle. We help you stay in the fight.

Protein, pre- and post- workout, vitamins, and focused blends for immune, joint, or respiratory support and more.

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Gibborim Coffee

Morning, afternoon, and campfire blends, freshly-ground and whole-bean versions, available at .

Cody Bobay on YouTube

Cody Bobay has a mission to help everyone experience the fulfillment found in living a life committed to the pursuit of excellence. Cody is a follower of Jesus, the author of three books, the founder/CEO of Gibborim Studios, an actor and producer.

We hope this channel serves as motivation, education and encouragement to become everything the Lord has called you to be. You can click the link below to learn more about Cody, to watch his first film, Hold the Pass, and to find the links to his podcast and the Gibborim App.

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Medical Health Institute

As an actor my entire career depends on me being in peak performance. From memorizing scripts to performing fight choreography with precision and endurance. MHI has changed the game for me, and I believe they will do the same for you! I’ve never worked with people more effective then the team at MHI.

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